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Kilmessan Kanine Kennels

Marshallstown House
Co. Meath

Tel: 046 9438147
Mob: 086 8310427



Marshallstown House
Co. Meath

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Fees from 1st November 2023

1 Dog ------------25 per day
2 Dogs------------45 per day
3 Dogs -----------70 per day
4 Dogs -----------85 per day

Opening Hours: 10am to 4pm (by appointment outside of these hours)


1. What vaccinations does my dog require before boarding in Kilmessan Kanine Kennels?

All dogs must have current vaccinations for the following:

         a) Parvo Virus

         b) Lepto Spirosis

         c) Infectious Hepatitis

         d) Distemper

         e) Kennel Cough

2. My dog has all his vaccinations except for the kennel cough vaccine, does it matter?

Yes, kennel cough is a very contagious disease that brings bouts of coughing. It is difficult to control and may last for a number of weeks. It is extremely distressing for the dog

3. When should I get my dog vaccinated for kennel cough?


About 3 to 4 days before you board at Kilmessan Kanine Kennels, but less than 36 hours before boarding

4. How long does the kennel cough vaccine last for?

Maximum of 12 months

5. What should I bring with my dog when boarding?

a) Its lead and a strong secure collar around its neck, 
b) Its bed, if possible, rug/blanket or something that he sleeps on, 
c) Its food if its on a special diet, and any medication it may be on, 
d) Its toys something it plays with, ball, plastic bottle, sqeaky toys, etc etc

6. My dog has never been away from home, will it fret or worry?

No. Most dogs settle after 24 hours and provided they receive TLC there is never a problem.

Finally, if you are boarding your dog at Kilmessan Kanine Kennels, please advise them of any previous medical history or ailments that the dog has or may have had in the past. It is very important that dog owners inform Kilmessan Kanine Kennels of this.

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